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You are in control. You get to decide, here and now, to take action or to continue the same old patterns. You can stay where you are or discover techniques that will help you become a better version of yourself! Are YOU ready to be MORE awesome?

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Growbrain’s first video series, called “How to be MORE awesome”, consists of five (5) short videos. Each video focuses on a new way of thinking. Some call them “brainhacks”.


Waste No Time

All of our videos are concise and to the point. We know how valuable time is and we won’t waste yours. Each video is under 5 minutes long. Get in, get out and make each day what it should be!


Take Action

Information is a waste if you do nothing with it. We give you a series of exercises with which you take action each day. Most Growbrain exercises require nothing more than yourself. Are you ready to become MORE awesome?

What Will I learn?

Learn 5 hacks to accomplish more, be accountable, replace anger with happiness, become free of what holds you down and other tricks that will surprise you and those around you.

What others have to say about Growbrain

John Hopkins and his team have developed a good product in “Growbrain”. The catch-phrase how to be more awesome sets the tone for how you are about to change from living a life that is perhaps mediocre, to one that is much more consciously lived – and thus much more constructive, fulfilling and pleasurable.

Roxanne Bannatyne

Author of Opening Secret Boxes

Since listening to GrowBrain, I have been consciously trying to be “more like water”. I’m trying to be less of a control-freak and go with the flow more. My relationship with my son has improved because I’m not trying to control him either.

Karen MacNeil

What I found to be enjoyable was the videos are worded in a way that many people of different backgrounds can employ the concepts to a variety of situations (weight loss, employment, self help). Strong work.

Dana Rickard


My experience with GrowBrain has opened up so many possibilities in both my personal and professional life. My mind is sharper and I am more clear about my goals than ever before. It has made all the difference.

Luke Seria

It’s amazing how a few minutes, watching the Growbrain videos, has given me the ability to come home from work feeling more relaxed and content. I no longer need ten minutes of quiet time when I walk in the door to decompress. It’s truly awesome how great I feel following the Growbrain principals.

Ashley Taylor

The Growbrain concepts bring you in the present moment. This is the first step to learn to be aware. For me it is a great tool to be present in the moment again, to feed the thoughts to bring them in the right direction and to get peace in mind. A great tool to learn and develop yourself where ever you are.

Silke Dolezych

Since subscribing to GrowBrain I have been focusing more on the few important things, and doing them well everyday. I have also been letting go of outside distractions. Thanks GrowBrain for keeping me on the right track to accomplishing great things!

James Keddington